The A.B.C of Business broking in South Africa

This elementary A.B.C of business broking and “how to buy a business” in South Africa contains no import theory of any nature whatsoever. The training modules are specifically designed to provide and empower the South African entrepreneur with vital, detailed and simple to understand information and know-how with regards to business broking and / or the purchasing or selling of a business.

Business broking is undoubtedly the most unexploited and possibly one of the most profitable professions in the country thus; to have training modules such as are presented herein is so very, very important.

After going into semi-retirement at the beginning of 2010, Jim has decided to introduce into the country, what he believes is the only complete set of training manuals designed specifically for aspiring business brokers, estate agents and Principals. He is also presenting training workshops throughout the country and it is of the utmost importance that every Real Estate agent, business broker, financial consultant, accountant, attorney as well as any individual desiring to be involved in business broking etc. undergoes this training. Upon completing the course and examination a competency certificate will be issued to every successful candidate.


Training workshop
Module 1

  • The Business Broking profession in South Africa
  • What is a professional Business Broker?
  • Why use a professional Business Broker?
  • Regulatory bodies for Business Brokers in South Africa.

Module 2

  • Types of (SMME’s) Small, Medium & Micro enterprises
  • Why do people buy a business?
  • How to Buy a Business

Module 3

  • Basic broker training
  • Obligations of a business broker (To public, EAAB, principal etc.)
  • Documentation required to be completed by a business broker In Receipt Of business sales.
  • Marketing (How to obtain sellers and source buyers)
  • Record keeping

Module 4

  • Principal training (Advanced)
  • Obligations of principal (To brokers, public, EAAB etc.)
  • Documentation required to be completed by a principal In Receipt Of business sales
  • Weekly meetings with brokers.
  • Marketing (How to obtain sellers and source buyers)
  • Record Keeping

Module 5

  • Principal training (advanced)
  • Submission procedure of 21 point documentation sequence to financial institution
  • Principal’s interaction with financial institutions.
  • Stock taking
  • Handover of business to purchaser.
  • Disbursement and appropriation of funds
  • Trust account and compulsory yearly audit