Verified Listing
Posted on July 17, 2018 / 2000
Price : R2,350,000
Listing Type : Supermarket
Location : KwaZulu Natal
Ref. No : 2460
Year Established : 2008
No. of Employees : 5
Trading Hours : Mon - Sat 6:30am – 6:30pm, Sun 8am-5pm
Turnover : R150 000
Expenses : R47 500
Net Profit : R50 000
Asset Value : R350 000
Stock Value : R130 000

This family owned business was purchase was by the owners in July 2008. It was at the time an established business which has been opened for about 20 years. The business is a neighbourhood landmark and serves as the local business where residents purchase their day to day items. There is no similar type of business within a radius of around 7 kilometres.

The result is that this business always has customers coming in to purchase goods or liquor. The store has a reputation for good service, friendly staff and the convenience of being the local down the road store for immediate supplies. The business also runs a successful take away from the premises and always has stock of fresh fruit and vegetables.

In 2012 the owners saw that there was a further need in the area to combine the successful supermarket with a liquor outlet. Licences were obtained and the decision proved to be successful as well as being welcomed in the area as local residents did not have to travel to purchase liquor from the town.

The owners are now wishing to retire.


Mfundo Nhlabati – Broker Head Office