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Posted on August 30, 2021 / 290
Price : R33,210,000
Listing Type : Project Management
Ref. No : 2767
Year Established : 12 years
No. of Employees : +/- 40
Turnover : R 19 000 000 pa
Expenses : R 9 000 000 pa
Net Profit : R 10 000 000 pa
Asset Value : R 15 000 000

The opportunity to purchase full equity in a group of Company’s integrated with separate profit centers.  Investors can enjoy immediate income from existing amalgamated Companies which have jointly been trading successfully for 12 years.

The Business:
A group of Companies based in South Africa that enjoys multi-tiered sustainable income streams through its vertically integration of Companies, collectively incorporating immediate earnings from various income streams namely, (Estate Management, Real Estate sales, Maintenance, Construction Site Supervision, Tourism House Renting, Consulting Services, Building, Alterations & Refurbishments etc.). The Main Company owns all the commercial rights in a 65% sold out residential and tourism complex located directly on the renowned main beach of Ponta D’ Ouro Mozambique.

These Companies are fully established with 12 years of successful operation, have perpetual rights and an established operational infrastructure capex of R15.0 million with services and structures in place. On site professional and established Marketing, Real Estate, Management and Building & Maintenance teams ensure the guarantee of long-term sustainable income and profitable returns.

Projected income for next 9 years: R 172 178 000

Projected net profit: R  90 261 931

Equity Buy in: R  33 210 000

Total Net profit projected: R 57 051 931


* Dean Du Croq – LP – East Rand