Verified Listing
Price : R3,550,000
Listing Type : Apparel
Location : Durban
Ref. No : 2846
Year Established : 2014
No. of Employees : 3
Trading Hours : 8am - 4pm
Lease Term : 1 year, with 8% esc. pa
Turnover : R 427 961 pm
Cost of Sales : R 199 100 pm
Expenses : R 147 192 pm
Net Profit : R 81 669 pm
Asset Value : R 90 000
Stock Value : R 550 000

The business manufactures and sells locally produced stylish ladies’ footwear that is hand-stitched and carefully assembled. The business focuses on quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship that produces superior products. The business has been in operation for more than 8-years and has become a well-known local brand and online retailer. Through local manufacturing the business is able to address the challenges faced through the global shipping crisis of increased shipping costs and delays.

The business has a great website and an excellent online presence, large client base and social media following, and many newsletter subscribers. The business also works with influencer networks, ecommerce marketplaces, group buying platforms and flash sale websites. The business offers an opportunity to increase the basket size within the customer base by adding additional products to the offering such as swimwear, clothing and other trending items.

The business is ideally suited to a fashion-entrepreneur who is looking to further scale and grow the business. The asking price is R3 000 000 plus stock (approx. R550 000) with an average turnover of R5 100 000 per annum, gross profit of R2 700 000 and owner’s net earnings of R980 000 per annum.

* Abel Acuna