Free Strategic Business Analysis

Strategic planning is important for the development, growth and sustainability of any business, large or small, especially in times of increasing competition, technological change and complicated market dynamics. Without effective planning a business is not able to clarify its goals and objectives, or rely on informed decision making to achieve such goals and objectives. The Renwick Business Strategic Analysis questionnaire has been designed to give us a snap-shot of your business in order to provide the best advice on how to grow your business and improve its profitability.

Our Process

  1. Research – information is gathered through the strategic analysis questionnaire. This questionnaire assists Renwick Business at identifying internal and external factors that may impact growth and sustainability for your business.
  2. Analysis – assessment and review is carried out based on your answers to the questionnaire. The objective is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current environment while identifying ways in which to improve and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.
  3. Planning – the development of a strategic report with various objectives and action plans based on effective, measurable and results driven initiatives.

Once you have completed the questionnaire one of our Brokers will be in contact to discuss your results.