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Mandate 1087

R 165,000.00

Brain Gain training is designed to help people to improve their attention so they can focus on what is important. At Brain Gain we help individuals to reach their full potential in life. We use neurofeedback to help people with ADHD/ADD and other attention problems. We also offer neurofeedback peak performance training for people without attention problems who want to reach the top of their class, sport or profession. Young people with attention problems often struggle with mathematics and languages at school, and we therefore also provide extra tuition using a government-approved program.

Product Description

Broker name: Troy Maidwell
Broker Contact: 0825729184
Broker Email:
Mandate number: 1087
Category: Education
Location: Roodepoort
Year Established: 01/02/2014
Number of Employees: 1
Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00
Lease Term: Work from home, so no lease required

Movable Asset Value: R 0.00
Stock Value: R 0.00
Average Monthly Turnover: R 165,000.00
Average Monthly Expenses: R 18,000.00
Average Monthly Net Profit Before Tax: R 680,000.00
Asking Price: R 165,000.00

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