Receive a reliable, accurate and objective valuation of your business. Use your valuation to support strategic decisions related to the sale of your business. The valuation covers the below information:

  • Last financial year end: prior accounting year end
  • Turnover: total annual sales
  • Sustainable operating profit margin: % of operating profit/turnover
  • Bank balance (debt)/cash: negative if in overdraft
  • Debt / borrowings: all loans (i.e. Vehicle finance)
  • Repayment period (years): length of long term loan (years)
  • Borrowing interest rate: average rate of debt/borrowings
  • Company tax rate: leave at 28% if in South Africa
  • Fixed assets (book value): e.g. Property, equipment, vehicles
  • Stock: total value of stock on hand
  • Debtors: total value of customer a/c owing
  • Creditors: total value of supplier a/c owed
  • Weighted average cost of capital: leave at 20% default if unsure
  • Growth rate in turnover (annual): sustainable growth rate (5year forecast)

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