We offer Business Valuation Services (Enterprise and Equity) as well Audit Trail reports (workings), for any type of business entity of any size (Companies Listed or Non-Listed, Partnerships, Business Trusts, Sole Proprietors and Close Corporations).

  • Receive a Comprehensive, Accurate and Objective Business Valuation
  • Use your business valuation as a Performance Scorecard
  • Support strategic decisions to Buy or Sell a Business
  • Improve tax planning


  • Comprehensive Business Valuation
  • Valuation Report Summary
  • Essential Metrics and Graphs
  • Business and Financial Information
  • Business Specific Risk Analysis
  • Assumptions and Calculations
  • Capitalisation Rate linked to economic Growth Rate
  • Audit Trail Evidence
  • Automatic Updates of Key Indicators
  • Interest rates, GDP rates, Risk free rates and Expected risk premium
  • Pre-valuation research consultation
  • Post-valuation Report Presentation

Did you know that in terms of the New Companies Act, every Company and Close Corporation must meet the Solvency and Liquidity Test?

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