Selling a business? List it with Renwick

We offer Business Valuation Services (Enterprise and Equity) as well Audit Trail reports (workings), for any type of business entity of any size (Companies Listed or Non-Listed, Partnerships, Business Trusts, Sole Proprietors and Close Corporations).

  • Receive a Comprehensive, Accurate and Objective Business Valuation
  • Use your business valuation as a Performance Scorecard
  • Support strategic decisions to Buy or Sell a Business
  • Improve tax planning


  • Comprehensive Business Valuation
  • Valuation Report Summary
  • Essential Metrics and Graphs
  • Business and Financial Information
  • Business Specific Risk Analysis
  • Assumptions and Calculations
  • Capitalisation Rate linked to economic Growth Rate
  • Audit Trail Evidence
  • Automatic Updates of Key Indicators
  • Interest rates, GDP rates, Risk free rates and Expected risk premium
  • Pre-valuation research consultation
  • Post-valuation Report Presentation

Did you know that in terms of the New Companies Act, every Company and Close Corporation must meet the Solvency and Liquidity Test?

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