Verified Listing
Posted on September 6, 2017 / 397
Price : R250,000
Listing Type : Picture Framing
Location : Johannesburg
Ref. No : 2300
Turnover : R63,881 p/m
Expenses : R22,782 p/m
Net Profit : R41,099 p/m
Asset Value : R30,000

This PICTURE HANGING AND FRAMING business was started by the owner in 2011, and has grown into a very lucrative home based business as a result of hard work, internet marketing and having a unique product.

All new business is generated from the 3 websites the owner maintains, which will become the property of a buyer.

As a result of there being no competition in the hanging of pictures, anyone looking for this service on the net is directed by Google to this website (no paying for Google words required), as a result of the current economic situation many picture framing businesses that operate from shop fronts are closing down, which makes this business model more and more viable.

Paul Johnson – Randburg