Renwick Business offers end-to-end business brokerage and real estate solutions through a network of professional brokers and estate agents. We provide invaluable support through the entire sales process. We assist sellers by marketing their businesses for sale through our business brokers, networks and marketing platforms to attract and profile prospective buyers so as to effectively sell their business and or property. We assist buyers at acquiring low risk, high return business investments based on their specific requirements in terms of industry, turnover, profits, market opportunity etc. Our partners provide value added services such as management consulting, strategic planning, accounting, access to finance and working capital.


We are passionate about what we do, we pride ourselves in professionalism and integrity with a commitment to honesty, fair and ethical business practices. As a professional business brokerage and real estate agency Renwick is registered with the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) and operates in compliance with the Estate Agency Affairs Act and Code of Conduct regulated by the board. Estate Agencies Affairs Act, 1976 in conjunction with Section 33 (“Regulations”) which makes provision in 33(1)(g)(A) for the enactment of Regulation 633 and clearly defines the new education standards in force for both principal and non-principal agents/brokers.


Our real estate division is focused on commercial and residential real estate solutions. We offer a series of unique services to assist buyers and sellers beyond the role of a conventional estate agency. We offer a unique real estate investment opportunity for start-up investors. We assist at identifying, qualifying, buying, tenanting and managing positive cash flow real estate investments in private investment consortiums through collective buying power.